Our Philosophy

Each property developed by us is unique and we would like it to be an enjoyable space to live in. The space should be maximised to its full potential through good design and use of light. To ensure that each property maintains a unique feel, we will
never bulk buy tiles or floors for several projects. Each room is individually thought out, and everything from tiles, floors, taps to cupboard knobs are personally sourced by us. Whilst we do have our own aesthetic vision, we want every property to be different and we do our best to respect the features of each building we develop. Each home must stand out for its beauty, but it should also fit in with the surrounding architecture.

Light & Space

Our vision is to design for people who appreciate beautiful surroundings. They wouldlike to live somewhere special but do not have the time to undertake a renovation project. Although all of our developments are meticulously planned and thought out, we never over-design a property as we firmly believe that any purchaser must have the opportunity to put their own stamp on their home. It is important to us that all the homes we renovate do not look like so many of the standard developments on the market, but are homely and stylish.


Copperbrick aim to make each property beautiful, but they must be highly functional. The design process is layered and as with all good design, there must be an excellent start point. We strongly believe that a good layout is a vital key to a successful home. As soon as this has been established, we move onto the electrical plans where the position of every light, switch and socket is taken into careful consideration. Once complete, we start to develop the aesthetic elements of the property. The final look will always be influenced by what we feel is right for the building we are renovating. We are continually researching and experimenting with new ideas whilst being sure to maintain the Copperbrick style and attention to detail.